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Poll: Which Class would Rule in Diablo 3 PVP
tag namePoll01/02/2013

The first PVP blog has been released telling us that there would be a dueling mode in patch 1.0.7. And there would be a brand new PVP mode. We just can not help thinking that which class would rule in Diablo 3 PVP, Barbarian, Demon Hunter, Monk, Witch Doctor, or Wizard? Now we would give a simple analysis of all these five classes. And you can take the poll and choose the one that you think is the best.


Barbarian: skill Leap is a critical skill which would give you one chance to get close to the enemy at once. But you need to take the right time as there is 10 seconds cool down time. Leap should go with the high critical hit skill like Hammer of the Ancients to give the fatal blow. Skill Sprint can be used always as there is no CD of this skill. So you could choose some normal damage skill like Rend.


Demon Hunter: For DH, skill Hungering Arrow rocks as this skill can sees out targets and give damage. Vault is a good skill to escape from the damage when the melee players get close. Shadow Power would decrease the damage taken and convert the damage into life. Spike Trap would be the main skill to give damage although there would be large room for you to run. But if you want to get close to Demon Hunter, you have to be careful of the traps.


Monk: For Monk, the perfect combination would be the Dashing Strike and Wave of Light. Dashing Strike to get close to the enemy and then give the highest damage a Monk can give with the Wave of light. Seven-Sided Strike would need some time to give out all the damage. This is not applied to the PVP. Serenity would always be useful for both PVP and PVE.


diablo 3 monk passive skill serenity


Witch Doctor: Spirit Walk would enable WD to get away from the damage immediately. And Hex would turn the enemy into a chicken and decrease the damage of the enemy party.


Wizard: Frost Nova and Diamond Skin would be great choices for Wizard. Diamond Skill has the same effect of Serenity of Monk. Frost Nova can freeze the enemy and give great assistance to allies.


Now it is your time to make the decision now. Which class do you think would conquer in D3 PVP?



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