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Diablo 3 Guide: Legendary Fist Weapon Won Khim Lau for Monk
tag nameDiablo 3 Guide12/26/2012

Have you noticed that there is a craze for Monk to get the Legendary Fist Weapon Won Khim Lau? Have you wondered why this weapon becomes so popular? This time we would give a deep analysis of this weapon for you. Take a look at the picture get in the auction house. And there are as high as six advantage of Won Khim Lau. This weapon I provide is 80M Diablo 3 Gold, the buyout price.

monk legendary item won khim lau


Advantage one, add 5% to Lightning Damage: this feature can increase the AOE damage which Monk skill is not so good at. Most AOE skill like wave of light cost too much spirit. But this feature would make up this disadvantage.


Advantage two, lightning skills deal 22% more damage: Most Monk players use Fists of Thunder as their primary skill to generate spirit. And the fast punches can deal damage as lightning. The 22% would be a great help to Monk DPS which is a little low than normal Barbarian players.


Advantage three, +39% Damage: This is a great stat to increase the damage you could get without the sheet number.


Advantage Four, +155 Dexterity: Dexterity is the main stat of Monk. One paragon Level can only add three Dexterity, but this one can be as much as 51 Paragon Level. This is a great help if your DPS is less than 100K DPS.


Advantage five, increase attack speed by 10%: We choose the Fist of Thunder because of it speed to increase more spirit than other skills. Now with the lightning damage, Won Khim Lau would be the perfect weapon for your build. You do not have to worry about the spirit shortage problem now.


Advantage six, one empty socket: Of course there is a shortage of Won Khim Lau which is not a combination of socket and critical hit damage. If you have a 100% critical hit damage gem, you could choose the one with socket. Or you could choose one without socket but with critical hit damage.


When you equip this weapon, this would decrease your sheet DPS, but the damage you could give has been increased enormously. I have tested. I bought one with socket and DPS decrease about 10K. But I could farm Monster Power 5 instead Monster Power 3 now. If you have some doubts, please contact us at our Facebook Page.

  • 1. Paragon Level 1-40
  • 2. Paragon Level 41-60
  • 3. Paragon Level 61-80
  • 4. Paragon Level 81-90
  • 5. Paragon Level 91-100
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