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Diablo 3 Guide: Follower Analysis
tag nameDiablo 3 Guide12/22/2012
“Only fools and those who fancy themselves “Brave” face their enemies alone. Who will stand beside you in the war for Sanctuary?”

In Diablo 3, if you choose the right follower, your battle would be much easier. Actually, different follower would play different role. This time we would give an analysis of Diablo 3 Followers- Templar, Scoundrel and Enchantress.

Templar plays a role of Tank and Healing. Skill Loyalty would regenerate 155 Life per second for you. In some skill builds which relies on the regeneration per second, Templar would be a great help. What’s more the skill Inspire would increase your resource generation. For long distance class like Wizard and Demon Hunter, Templar would fight for you in front. And you could give damage behind.

Scoundrel plays a role of critical hit chance provider. I guess most player who choose Scoundrel take the 3% critical hit chance into consideration. The skill Anatomy would increase critical hit chance by 3% for you. Of course, Scoundrel can give high damage and provide MF and GF for you as well. But the main advantage of Scoundrel is the critical hit chance.

Enchantress plays a role of MF and GF provider. If you choose Enchantress, you should buy the legendary staff- The Grand Vizier for your follower. This can provide as high as 50% Extra Gold from monsters and 45 Better Chance of Finding magical Items. The over 300 intelligence and 150 vitality can increase the DPS greatly as well. As you would share 20% MF and GF of your follower, you could generally get 15% Gold Find and 24% Magic Find from your follower.

To choose the right Follower, you should as yourself what you want from your follower most. If you think you DPS is really high and resource and life regeneration is not enough, then you should choose Templar. If you would like to increase your Damage and especially for Wizard the critical hit chance grant certain amount of Mana, then you should choose Scoundrel. Or you should choose Enchantress as you rarely get the legendary items and farm supporting items are the main motive of playing.

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