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Diablo 3 Guide: Mempo of Twilight Recommendation for Barbarian Players
tag nameDiablo 3 Guide12/19/2012

As the Monster Power has come out, there is no need for you to buy the transitional items. First, the Auction House would charge 15% fee. Second, there would be a great drop when you want to resell the transitional items. Third, if you farm in Monster Power 3, you are still loot in MP3. Then why should you buy this item? This time I would recommend a graduation Helm for Barbarian players- Mempo of Twilight. The five reasons for me to recommend this item for you are as follows.

barbarian item recommendation mempo of twilight


Reason one, high Strength stat value: Strength is the main stat of Barbarians and Mempo of Twilight can offer you as high as 176 Strength. You spend several hours on paragon Level, but one Paragon Level can only offer you 3 Strength. Now you can understand how much this strength values.


Reason two, all resistance stat: As you can see from the item that it owns 72 resistance to All Elements. Barbarian does not have passive skill like One with Everything of Monk which can make your resistance to all elements equal to your highest elemental resistance. All resistance means a lot to Barbarians especially when your Health Globe is not enough.


Reason three, attack speed: high attack speed means you can give more damage out in a limited time. Attack speed is really rare in the Helm part.


Reason four, +12% Life: A radiant perfect gem can add 16% life. And this stat means you can save at least 7 million Diablo 3 Gold. For a Barbarian, the life globe should be at least 50K.


Reason five, an empty socket: You can put the purple gem to increase your Health Globe if you do not have enough Health potions. If you would prefer to have fast Paragon Level, you could put a red gem. These all depend on you.


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