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Diablo 3 Guide: Monk Skill Wave of Light Analysis
tag nameDiablo 3 Guide12/15/2012

If you are a Monk player, you would know that Seven-Sided Strike and Wave o Light are the two top skills which can give out highest damage. But strange enough, they are not the most popular skill in Monk choices. Do you know why? This time we would give an analysis of the active skill Wave of light and its runes.


Wave of Light is a skill can give as high as 390% weapon damage skill with no cool down time. As long as you have enough spirit, you can use the high damage skill endlessly. But reality is not like this. As this skill cost so much spirit as much as 75. The spirit globe is only 150. But if you choose the passive skill Exalted Soul which would increase your maximum spirit by 100, the situation would be better. This skill requires a lot in the items choices as spirit regeneration would be an important stat in the items.


Rune Empowered Wave: “Reduces the cost of Wave of Light to 40 Spirit”. As we have mentioned above that Wave of Light cost too much spirit, this skill can help change this situation greatly. Especially in high Monster Power, this skill can increase the efficiency greatly. Start with Sweeping Wind to gain enough spirit while damage the enemies nearby. Then Wave of Light can consume the health of enemy a lot. Remember to use the Mantra of Conviction to increase your weapon damage.

wave of light rune empowered wave


Rune Blinding Light: “Critical Hits Stun Enemies for 3 Seconds”. This has a high requirement of your critical hit chance. Three seconds can give you more time to get the spirit recovered but the critical hit is a little uncertain. This rune is as popular as the Empowered Wave.

wave of light rune blinding light


Rune Wall of Light: “Increases damage of the initial strike to 566% weapon damage as Holy”. This is appealing considering the weapon damage. But when you give out the one skill, you would get short of spirit largely. In emergency the serenity would not be enough to help you. That’s why a lot of Monk players would prefer to choose Breath of Heaven to health and add the damage at the same time.


Rune Explosive Light: It can give out 430 weapon damage but the radius is too limited.


Rune Pillar of the Ancients: 2 seconds is a little long when you are in emergency compared with the instant effect of Serenity.


If you have different voices about this analysis, you are always welcome to discuss it at our SaleDiablo3 Facebook community. For more Diablo 3 Guides, please visit our news part.

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