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Poll: How do You Think of Barbarian PVP Future
tag namePoll12/11/2012

Although the PVP Blog is still a mystery, the discussion about PVP is always hot. How do you think of Barbarian PVP Future? Would it the number one class the same like in PVE? Read this article and made this poll and see what others think about it.

diablo 3 pvp barbarian


1. PVP is a arena style. There is big difference compared with PVE. Please do not take this poll in the view of PVE feelings.

2. The successful elements of PVP are stand potions, running, and critical hit time control. Team work is the core of PVP style as well.

3. Consistent battle ability, instant high critical hit damage, fast movement speed are the three critical points of PVP.

4. Find the right teammates are essential as well.


The PVP arena maps are revealed by a lot of websites although they are not confirmed by the official site. But the only thing you can believe is that Boss Maghdad map will be a PVP map. As conquer of the PVP, you must get familiar with the map. As in WOW arena, position taken is so important. So does Diablo 3.

magadad pvp map


Dual Wield Sprint& Rend Build

d3 barbarian sprint rend build


In PVP battle, Barbarian is regarded as the target genre. In arena, we need a role to control the situation. Barbarian is the perfect class to play this role. Leap and Sprint can take control of the Enemy position perfectly, both attack and defensive. The stunning effect of Leap can be rather useful.


The sustained damage and slowing movement of Rend is one of the key elements of battle.


Choose Bash to generate Fury. You should learn to control the Fury in battle so we do not choose Hammer of the Ancients which cost too much Fury.


Wrath of Berserker is the highlight for the Arena which is immune to all the passive effects. This would be tricky for both the melee and long-distance enemies.


Build Features:

1. Sprint and Leap can take a sudden attack to the long-distance enemies. You could dodge the damage by the two skills as well.

2. Bleeding effect and reduced movement speed are great damage to all classes.

3. Barbarian can be the tricky enemy in PVP.


There would be more surprise about PVP coming in the future. Take the poll and see the results.


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