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Diablo 3 Guide: Barbarian Throwing Hammer Smash Build
tag nameDiablo 3 Guide12/09/2012

The D3 Barbarian Dynasty has lasted from Patch 1.05 to 1.0.6. The skill build for Barbarian comes out day after day. This time I would introduce the Barbarian Throwing Hammer Smash Build for you, which do not need much equipment requirements. For Barbarian, life steal is not a problem if you choose the right skill and runes with perfect control of your hero.


First, how to get life steal? Search in the auction house for Immortal King’s Belt with life steal of 3%. Now the price is really low. Choose the skill Rend with Rune Blood Lust. Rend can not only give you AOE damage as high as 700% weapon damage, but also your Barbarian can gain 9% of the damage done by Rend as Life. Passive Skill Bloodthirst can give you 3% life steal stat as well. Now the steady life steal stat you can have is 6% with additional 9% life steal of Rend, I can guess this is enough for you to survive at Monster Power 7 without a problem. If your have enough Diablo 3 Gold at your stock, you could buy two-hand Skorn in the auction house with Life Steal. Then life recovery is never a problem for you even at MP 10.


Second, how to combine these skills perfectly? Weapon Throw- Throwing Hammer can have the effect of slowing the movement of the monsters and stun the target. This is rather a great chance to use Hammer of the Ancients- Smash now as Smash is a target skill to give as high as 406% weapon damage.


Third, how to sustain the Fury? Choose Battle Rage- Into the Fray then your battle rage critical hit can generate 15 additional fury. Then you have to increase the critical hit chance to remain the Fury. Skill Wrath of the Berserker would increase your critical hit chance by 10% and the passive skill Ruthless would increase your critical hit chance by 5% and critical hit damage by 50%. Passive skill No Escape has a chance to return 14 Fury as well.


You would see that no skill is useless in this build. They react well with one another. Try this and give your feedback at our SaleDiablo3 Facebook. We are always waiting for you here.

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