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Diablo III: Tips for You to Avoid Swindlers in D3 Transactions
tag nameDiablo III12/07/2012

There are a lot of good Diablo 3 Items in the Auction House with high price. If you want to buy, there is a high charge for the transaction. As a result, there appears Face-to Face trade which would decline 10 percent of the price. But there is problems in the face-to-face transactions as well. Due to the imprudent of buyer or the bug program of the seller, plenty of players have been cheated. Now we have collect six tips for to avoid swindlers in D3 transactions.


In fact, I think Blizzard can give some hotfixes to avoid these kind of cheat, like lock the transaction window, check the items stats before click trade. But now we can only wait.


1. Only use the trading window. Anyone who says to throw things on the ground directly to trade are the pits. Or in the public game, someone advise you to change items. These are generaly cheats.

2. Carefully check the stats of items. This is the key point in trading. If you buy things without even check, even Blizzard can not help you.

3. Do not use the drag means to put the items in the transaction. You have to be carefull with those who cancel windwo quickly. And they would anticipate you to drop the things on ground carefullessly. And then pick it up and run away. Only use click way to place objects.

4. Do not click the transaction immediately. Wait a little while to see if there is a trick. If there is someone who want to trade with you buy Diablo 3 Gold, wait seven minutes or more, then to click trade. Remember to check the exact number by counting carefully. Liar is usually lack of patience if they find that he can not trick you. But those who would sincerely get the items from you would not mind the waiting a little bit.

5. Confirm the amount is correct carefully. It is not recommend to end the number with zero. For example, use 49,999,999 instead of 50,000,000.

6. Leave immediately if ther is a question in your counterparty. “Oh, i’m sorry. There appears a little problem in my trading window” “I misplaced an item”. These are most probably a lie.


I believe that everyone hates liar deeply. But there is always such people in various games. Only when we improve our cheating aweareness can avoid being cheated.


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