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Poll: Which Passive Skill Would You Choose for Diablo 3 Wizard
tag namePoll12/01/2012

As PVP blogs for Diablo 3 will come out soon, we can not help guess which class would have advantages over others. Wizard is always famous for his AOE damage. And a lot of players pick up the enthusiasm for this class again. This time, we would make a poll about which passive skill would you choose for Diablo 3 Wizard if you are a Wizard player. This result would show a little light on the players who want to create a new Wizard Class.


Critical Mass: If I say this is the number one choices in the normal mode, I guess no one would deny it. Reduce the CD for 1 second means you would have access to the key skills more frequently especially when you have long cooldown time skills like Archon with CD of 120 Seconds and Diamond Skin with CD of 15 seconds. These two skills are really important when you can not control the situation. They are all life-saving skills.


Glass Cannon: This would be a damage-driven choice. If you are a player who would prefer defensive play style, this is not your style as Glass Cannon would increase your damage by 15% but at the same time this would decrease your armor and resistance by 10%. Then in active skill choices, you should choose Energy Armor to increase your armor and in the items choices, you should focus on the critical hit chance and critical hits grant arcane power.


Cold Blooded: This skill should always go hand in hand with the passive skill Frost Nova. If you have chosen both Glass Cannon and Cold Blooded, your damage given would be 35% higher than your sheet damage. With the assistant of active skill of Show Time, you have a great efficiency to clear the monsters.


Blur: this passive skill is for the defensive play style which would decreases melee damage taken by 20. This would increase the chance for you to survive especially in higher Monster Power. The damage can be made up by choosing another passive skill Astral Presence as this would increase the maximum arcane power and arcane power regeneration. With enough Arcane power, you would be able to cast the high damage skill Energy Twister.


Now it’s your time to take this poll. You can always join our Salediablo 3 Facebook Community to leave your comments here to discuss this topic with us.

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