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Poll: What Tip Would You Give for Diablo 3 Hard Core Mode
tag namePoll11/23/2012

When you get tired of the soft-core mode and endless Paragon Level, Hard Core Mode of D3 would make you refreshing. Only one wrong control can lead to your hero’s death. Then all the previous effort would come to zero except these reminding words “Your Deeds of valor will be always remembered”. Recently I saw an interesting post on the official forum about the tips to stay alive in Hardcore. And I pick out several useful tips, take the poll and choose the most important one you think for you to survive in Diablo 3 HC.


Choose a trustworthy net supplier: Even Mage the first player who has completed the Hard Core Paragon level encountered several net disconnected. But lucky for him, his hero still survives. We can not expect one net supplier that disconnect never. But at least, it should be stable in most of days. And the latency should be green or orange. As soon as the latency turns red, you should stop immediately. You should never hold the idea that it will be ok moments later. You should go to town wait until the net turns normally.


Don’t play tired. Most of us are not professional players. We only play D3 after work to get some entertainment. If you are feeling tire, you should not play your Hard Core heroes. Maybe you should create a hero in the normal mode and die as you wish. It only cost you a few repair fees. When we are tired, we are easy to lose control of our heroes. When you find out, maybe the hero is in great danger now.


Use Shield. It seems that most players in the HC are playing with a shield instead of Dual or 2-hand play styles which are really popular in the Soft Core mode. The shield can give you certain amount of block. Of course, the DPS is not so high as the other two styles. But in HC, we are not competing who’s DPS is high, but competing who can live long enough to finish the Paragon Level 100.


Always leave an escape route can be applied by both melee players and long-range players. You can never guess what you will encounter before you. Maybe two packs of Champions with affixes of Arcane, Waller and Damage Reflect monster. An escape route can make it possible to kite these monsters and give you more room and time to kill them one by one.


Take the poll and make the difference. For more Diablo 3 Guides, please visit our news part.

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