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Diablo 3 Guide: Demon Hunter Edition Limitless Sprint Build
tag nameDiablo 3 Guide11/21/2012

It seems that the Barbarian Whirlwind& Sprint build is very popular. I am thinking that other classes can run like the wind, why not Demon Hunter?


Take an examination of all Demon Hunter skills and find that Strafe can add the movement speed as well. There is chance to create Demon Hunter Edition Limitless Sprint Build. Strafe would cost Hatred 12 points. I have the D3 items that regenerate Hatred 5 points every second, plus the Companion add 3 points, Quiver, Cloak and weapon can all increase the Hatred regeneration. Equipment can give out 4 point Hatred at ease. Then the total would be 5+3+4=12. So it is almost full free consumed.


Build analysis

1.Chakram -- Shuriken Cloud
As Chakram can last for a long time, the consumption can almost be ignored.

2.Strafe –- Demolition
This is the core and essential skill of Demon Hunter edition Sprint build.


3.Shadow Power -- Shadow Glide
This skill has an effect of life steal and adding movement speed. While you are using Strafe, this can increase the movement speed as well.

4. Companion -- Bat Companion
This is the Hatred Regeneration essential skill.

Left Mouse skill:Cluster Arrow can be used to kill Champions.

Right Mouse skill: Preparation as to the rune, it depends on your equipment. If you have a shortage at Hatred Regeneration, you can choose Rune Punishment to regeneration Hatred. If you think Discipline is not enough, you can choose the rune to regenerate the discipline.


Passive skills are also a matter of personal preference. I personally choose Archery, perfectionist and Night Stalker.


Of course there is shortcoming of this build. Your Demon Hunter DPS should be at least above 100K, critical hit damage 50%, Armor 4000, all resistance 300. I have tried it at Monster Power 1 and efficiency is satisfactory. Below is the skill and runes for this build.


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