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Diablo 3 Guide: Dashing Strike Build for Monk
tag nameDiablo 3 Guide11/20/2012

If you still fear the monsters with the affixes of Molten, Fire-Chains, Waller and Arcane, the Dashing Strike Build would be perfect for you. Even you are with only 20K DPS, you can still be able to kill the Key-Wardens of Monster Power 5. Besides, the core skill Dashing Strike can increase your movement speed, which makes you to run as fast as the Barbarian.


Let’s first check the core skill Dashing Strike. If you have Spirit Regeneration Items on equipment, then you could choose the Rune Way of the Falling Star to increase your movement or Flying Side Kick to stun the enemy. But as I do not have items with Spirit Regeneration, so I choose the Rune Quicksilver to reduce the spirit cost of this skill. With the Dashing Strike, you can have two skills to deal with the Molten, and Frozen monsters. The other skill is Serenity.


Sweeping Wind- Cyclone would be the main skill to give out AOE damage. Blinding Flash- Self Reflection, Serenity-Ascension are all chosen with the rune to increase the duration of the skills. The primary skill is Fists of Thunder to increase the Spirit regeneration. Mantra of Conviction- Overawe is to increase the DPS.


Core Passive skill Beacon of Ytar is to reduce the skills CD by 20%. This is especially important when you are in a bitter battle. As the Dashing Strike is chosen with the rune to reduce spirit, there is no need for you to choose the Exalted Soul to increase the maximum Spirit. Without the skill Wave of Light, 150 Spirit is enough. One with Everything and Seize the Initiative is still needed as you do not have enough DPS. First use the Seeping Wind to gain additional spirit while doing the aoe damage, then Mantra of Conviction to add the damage of every hit, then Blinding Flash and Serenity. Dashing Strike and Serenity should always has one available to prevent you got trapped. My DPS is only 40K DPS and with this build I can farm Monster Power 3 at ease. One tip for you, you should gear up your follower with GF/MF if you are in the hope to get high-end legendary items.


Below is the Dashing Strike Build skill and runes picture. For more Diablo 3 Guide, please visit our news part for more information. 


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