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Diablo 3 Guide: Wizard Energy Twister Wicked Wind Build
tag nameDiablo 3 Guide11/16/2012

Every skill build has their advantages and disadvantages. But the main stream of Wizard would be the Energy Twister Wicked Wind build. This build is famous for their high damage with medium defense. There are two branches for Wizard Energy Twister Build with little difference. We would give a detailed analysis this time. And you can choose the one that suits your best.


Energy Twister Wicked Wind Build Branch 1:


Like the pictures we offer as below from the calculator. The Energy Twister is the main skill to give out high damage with high duration. As they would cost high Arcane Power with 35, then you should choose the right D3 Items. I make up this disadvantage with the off-hand weapon Triumvirate. This would give you Maximum Arcane Power as well as the valuable stat Critical Hits grant arcane Power. The Defensive skill would be Frost Nova which would save your life when threaten comes near. Energy Armor is of the same use as well to increase the armor and decrease the damage taken. Magic Weapon is the second damage given skill.

Energy Twister Wicked Wind Build Branch 2:


The difference of this build and Branch 1 is the defensive skill Frost Nova was replaced by the Diamond Skin. And Magic Weapon Runes are changed as well. The passive skill Galvanizing Ward changed into Blur. Actually there is no quality change. Diamond would absorb the damage while the Frost Nova freezes the Monsters and give the damage. They are both the skill to relieve danger. But in team work, I would recommend the Frost Nova especially in the Inferno Machine. There is a main play style that the Ice Wizard freeze one of the Boss and another Barbarian Players tackle the other Boss. The rest of players can help the Wizard. And the main task of the Wizard is to freeze and lessen the danger of the Boss.


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