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Poll: What do You Expect for Diablo 3 Expansion
tag namePoll11/14/2012

As Blizzard has confirmed a few days ago that there would be Diablo 3 Expansion, what kind of expansion do you expect for? What do you expect for the expansion, new class, new act or pvp arena? It would not surprise us if they added new class and new act. But what would they be like? I am really curious and eager to know. Some players are tired of farming and paragon leveling, pvp would be an incentive of this game. But there is still not exact date for the pvp release. To make D3 more enjoyable, we would make our imagination fly about this expansion.


New Class: A lot of players have five classes of level 60. A new class would trigger the enthusiasm again. But would be the class a melee or long-range class? I would rather Blizzard launch a long-distance class that are strong enough to compete with the Barbarian. Patch 1.0.5 is the time for Barbarian age, it seems. There is an increasing number of players are power leveling their new Barbarian heroes.


New Act: As Diablo has been dead at Act IV, what would the story of the new act? It would be interesting that it is time for the children of Nephalem. And maybe just like other games, the children trace back to find the past of their father and began a new journey. Or the angels turned evil and make a war on the earth. Just use your imagination.


PVP Arena: It would create a new wave of Diablo 3 crazy if the PVP comes out. There are enormous player who have expressed their eagerness for the PVP. It would be a stage for the intelligence and control not only the equipment as now. You can never figure out how this person would cast his skill. And the challenge is where the excitement and joy lie.


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