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Diablo 3 Guide: Demon Hunter Belt Recommendation
tag nameDiablo 3 Guide11/12/2012

As the Auction House Items are decreasing rapidly a lot, you had better to choose the top end items without worrying about the resell problems. If you still do not have that much Diablo 3 Gold, then save it until you can afford them. There is no need for you to waste time and money on the transient Diablo 3 Items. This time, we would talk about the Demon Hunter top-end Belt- The Witching Hour.


This Belt is on the first Demon Hunter who completed the Paragon Level 100. And if you have a close examination you would find that it is really a good choice for you.



First, main stat +75 Dexterity: This is not so high compared with other top rare items. But in combination with the main stat, there are a lot of additional stats as well which we can not ignore, such as +100 Intelligence, +75 Vitality and +28 Cold Resistance. Even they are not the requirement of your Belt, it would be nice to have them as additional free gifts.


Second, Attack Speed Increased by 8%: Demon Hunter would gain more source of energy if their attack speed increases. This can be understood like this. If a monster with life 1000, your DPS is 10 and attack speed is 2.0 attacks per second. Then the damage you can deal in one second is 20. But if your attacks speed increased and reach 4.0 attacks per second, then the damage you can deal in one second is 40. Then the time you have to spend in killing a monster would be shortened half. This is efficiency.


Third, +12% Life: More health then you would have greater chance to kill the monsters in an upper hand. If you are hit by a Elite, then your life would drop 10K. But if your life is 50K, it does not matter as you still have 40K. But if your health is only 30K, you are in great dangerous as you do not have enough life to risk at the moment. When life is empty, you are dead.


Fourth, Critical Hit Damage Increased by 37%: the number is really great especially when you have some skills attached with the critical hit damage. It was a great combination with attack speed and critical hit damage.


For more information please visit our news part. And there has been added a lot of new items in the items list as well. Check it yourself and you will get surprises.

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