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Poll: What Kind of Affix Combination Would You Like to Have
tag namePoll11/09/2012

Recently there is an interesting topic in the official forum that “If your hero were a monster in Diablo III, what affixes would he or she have?” Today, we would sort out several combinations for you to choose from about what kind of affix combination you would like to have for your hero. For melee attackers like Barbarian and Monk, the Molten and Plagued monsters are the trickiest enemies. If your melee attackers can own these stats, it would be much more interesting.


Option 1, Molten, Waller, Fire Chains Affixes is a nightmare for Monks. Especially when the Monk is of little health, the entrance is filled with the molten fire, but the other sides are blocked with the fire. What’s worse, the fire chains monsters are approaching you. This is the normal death for my Monk. How about you? If my monk owns all these three stats, then monk is inconvincible.


Option 2, Frozen, Arcane Enchanted, Nightmarish Affixes would give your hero a terror and running without control then killed by the Arcane. Even the powerful Barbarian can be terrified by this combination. For Monk, you should open the skill Serenity to immune all the damage. This combination would be perfect for the ranged attacker wizard. There is magic skill of frozen. But the other two could be added in the patch 1.0.6. Then, Wizard would be popular again.


Option 3, Vortex, Morta, Affixes will drive you to the Morta when you are trying to escape. Then your health decrease dramatically when you stand in the Fire. If Melee attackers have these two, then the monsters can not escape too far away and waste the time of chasing.


Option 4 Illusionist, Horde, Extra health Affixes would make your hero especially strong. Monsters with these affixes would not be a threaten to you. But you would spend far more time to defeat them.


Option 5, Reflect Damage, Plague Affixes would increase great joy in Monster Power 10 where even normal monsters can give high damage. Reflect Damage would make these monsters kill themselves by the damage they give. So much fun would be.


Take the poll and enjoy the imagination. For more information, please visit our news part to find other interesting polls about D3.

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