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Diablo III: Fast Way to Get a Level 60 Demon Hunter
tag nameDiablo III11/08/2012

If you have a really good team, it is really easy for you to own a new hero from start. Now there is a true story online that a new level 60 Demon Hunter completed within two hours. Now we would like to share it with you.


First, you need have a Barbarian friend to increase the movement of the team. The Barbarian skill “Sprint” would increase the movement speed of the team by 40% for 3 seconds. The speed to finish the map actually would be equal to the team movement speed with the assistant of your friends.


Second, radiant star ruby in the Helm: you did know that this would increase your XP bonus, right? You could have a witch doctor to clear all the monsters around you. Barbarian is never the perfect Class to protect the allies as they move so quickly.


Third, Monster Power 10: From normal mode, you could choose monster power now. This is the benefit brought by the patch 1.0.5. This would increase your speed to have a full level Demon Hunter without doubt.


The three tips can be adapted to other new heroes as well. Only when you have tried all the five classes can you know that which one is best for you. I have a friend who love Wizard so much and stick to the Wizard until Patch 1.0.4. One day, the team needs a Barbarian to do the Tank. He volunteered to power level a new Barbarian. Until now, he is obsessed with Barbarian, especially when Barbarian rules in Patch 1.0.5. But some players only love the long-distance control of the character. It is just personal preference.


Of course, you can make an order to get a level 60 heroes as well. We have this service online for US and EU servers. Our fast Diablo 3 Power Leveling would impress you a lot with excellent service. For more information, please check the Power Leveling Page.

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