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Diablo 3 Guide: Monk Ring Recommendation Natalya’s Reflection
tag nameDiablo 3 Guide11/03/2012

If you are the players who still stick to the Monk, you should save money to buy Natalya’s Reflection for you Monk to compete with Barbarian. Actually in Diablo 3 World, a full set of legendary items are not the perfect one. You should learn to mix them up to get most out of them. Natlaya’s set should be combined with Inna’s set. Then you could make full use of Monk.


There are several features for Natalya which are all needed for Monk. The feature are high Dexterity, Vitality, resistance, Attack Speed, Critical Hit Chance. What’s more, the second set would give you Critical Hit Chance increased by 7.0% and the third set would +130 Dexterity. Although, we all know that Natalya is the set made by Demon Hunter, all these features suit Monk perfectly as well. The charming point is the combination of the Attack speed and the critical chance. More higher the attack speed, more Spirit generation would Monk get. Then you could give out more damage skill like Wave of the Light. Critical Hit Chance would increase the damage of the skill Sweeping Wind rune cyclone.


It is true that you could gain high dexterity in Hellfire Ring which you can make by your jeweler. But the chance is really rare to get the stats like attack speed and critical hit chance. As it is expensive, I would recommend you first to get the Natalya’s Bloody Footprints first. This Natalya’s Reflection Set ring as you can see below is worth 1.35 billion Diablo 3 Gold. This is a large amount of money after patch 1.0.5. If you are a normal players without the lucky to get the top drops in D3, this ring would demand you to farm for almost a whole month.



There is another way for you to get this set ring easily. You could buy D3 Gold in a safe store with cheap price. As most players only play Diablo III after work, you would never get enough time to farm. Normal mode is not like the Hardcore mode where D3 items would disappear when you died. When you did get two perfect Hellfire ring for you, you could resell this ring as well. Good rings would never be a crap.


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