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Poll: Which Class would You Choose for Hardcore D3
tag namePoll10/30/2012

It is really a surprise to know that the first player to conquer the Hardcore Paragon Level 100 should be a Wizard player. In the normal mode, the Diablo 3 has been dominated by the Barbarian players. But Wizard is never considered a strong class by players. But the truth is that Wizard rules in quality not in quantity in Hardcore mode. Which Class would you choose for Hardcore D3?


Now, in the top 20 players who rank first in the Hardcore, one is Wizard but top one, Six Witch Doctor, Nine Barbarians, Four Monk. If you are careful with the statistics and you will find that there is no Demon Hunter player in the top 20 in Hardcore. As you can clear the Normal Mode Monster Power Level 10 easily as long as you have the awesome legendary items. But this is not the case in Hardcore. Just one careless control can result in game over and start again. Rage- the first player that conquered the Hardcore Paragon Level 100, said Hardcore does not require the skill to control but also the insistence. If you are tired of the Normal mode and think it is easy and boring, then you should try the Hardcore, you will reap more joys when you get a legendary items or Rare items.


Barbarian has skill Bash to increase 165% weapon damage, Rend to cause Bleed for 700% weapon damage and so on. It seems that Barbarian have the largest amount of skills to enhance the weapon damage. Without a doubt, it is the quickest class to get fast power leveling. But every one has a preferable class in our mind. Personally, I would choose Monk, as this class is the combination with the Tank and Control. Although the progress of the paragon level would not be so quickly as the Barbarian, the control would make me satisfied.


Now it is your time to make the choices now. Which Class would you choose for Hardcore mode?

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