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Diablo 3 Guide: Barbarian Domineering Hammer of the Ancients Build
tag nameDiablo 3 Guide10/26/2012

Barbarian ranks first now in all D3 classes. There are an increasing number of players are choosing Barbarian. Lots of players are attracted by the Whirlwind & Sprint Build, amazing movement speed, whirlwind, simple and practical.


Many Barbarians are basically the same Build now after the update of Sprint and War Cry in the Patch 1.0.5. But all these adjustment can not prevent the existence of the Whirlwind & Sprint Build Barbarians. As the Monster Power 10 is always the destination of all players so the pursue of high damage and sustained damage skills are always what players are looking for.


Shortly after the patch, many players start to abandon the Primary skill Bash, Cleave and Frenzy and choose the high critical hit damage skill Hammer of the Ancients instead. This should be the trend. But this skill consumes a lot of Fury. This comes back to the key issue of mastery of Fury. Keep reading.


The weakening of War Cry in the Patch 1.0.5 brought havoc to most Barbarians who have to adjust the all resistance and armor equipment. The skills adjustment made so many Barbarians give up playing this class. But I would like to tell you that as good lost as found. The modification of Overpower gives birth to a brand new build consequently: Domineering Hammer of the Ancients Build.


Detailed explanation of this Build


Remain Sprint, Whirlwind, Wrath of the Berserker and Battle Rage as the same as the traditional Whirlwind & Sprint Build. I would explain here that why I choose the Whirlwind. In Monster Power 7 or more, the health and damage of the monsters increase enormously. It is always the case that you are surrounded by packs of monsters. Whirlwind can move through the packs.


Hammer of the Ancients- Smash: the key skill to give high damage. Most players would choose this rune.


OVERPOWER- Crushing Advance


“Deal 165% weapon damage to all targets within 9 yards. Landing a Critical Hit has a chance to lower the cooldown by 1 second. Redirect 35% of incoming melee and ranged damage for 4 seconds after Overpower is activated.”


This skill combines the offensive and defensive. I have tested the damage effect with War Cry: under the same damage, before Overpower, the damage is 5510 points, then open the Overpower, and the damage pints are 2710. It is almost the reduction of 50%. Even 200 all resistance can not match this effect.


As the Hammer of the Ancients cost too much Fury, Battle Rage- Into the Fray can not meet it. Consequently I choose Animosity. This skill has been modified in the patch 1.0.5 and the Fury generation has been increased from 10% to 20%. It is equal to 17 points Fury.


Equipment standards: 500+ all resistance, Armor 6000+, Health 40K, Critical Hit Chance 50%+. The Critical Hit Chance is the most important point. The higher, the better. Lie steal should be at least 5%.


We are constantly working hard to give you the best service. In the following days, we would record the game video for you to understand the joy of D3 better. Keep tuned.


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