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How to Make Lost Ark Gold after the Vykas Update is Released

The next Legion Raid for Lost Ark will be Vykas. The developers' original target date for the launch was the middle of June. However, the development team for the game got bogged down with bot issues, which pushed the game's release back even further. After hearing this, fans began to worry that the developers would push back the release date to July.

How to Make Lost Ark Gold after the Vykas Update is Released

To our great relief, it appears that the June update for Lost Ark will, in fact, take place in June this year. The launch of the Lost Ark Vykas Raid is slated to take place on June 30th, according to a number of different reports. It's possible that the developers' target date of the middle of June won't be met. The team, however, came to the conclusion that the game should be delayed in its release because of the unprecedented number of bots that were playing it. The team has been focusing their efforts on developing long-term solutions for the ongoing problem of bots, which appeared to reach an all-time high in Lost Ark.

Since the proliferation of bots, the developers working on Lost Ark have been putting in a lot of effort to bring this situation under control. The gaming community was aware of their efforts and acknowledged an improvement in the situation as a result. The developers noted that the work was not yet complete. Recent efforts, including the massive ban wave that took place last week, have had a very positive impact in terms of culling bots from Arkesia's population.

The developers are planning to issue a new statement some time during the upcoming week in order to continue the discussion regarding the problems that have been occurring with the Vykas Raid. According to reports, they are also going to respond to questions regarding other player complaints, such as those regarding "monetization and related systems." As was previously stated, the Vykas Raid for Lost Ark will be released on June 30 alongside the rest of the June update. Additionally, the update will bring about the introduction of new instances, such as an all-new Guardian Raid and a dungeon in the Thronespire. In addition to working on new content, the developers will keep fighting the bot issues that have been plaguing the game.

Basically, if you want to make insane amounts of Lost Ark gold in any major release, one foolproof method is to buy the right stuff that will, in the future, become more valuable. When it comes to the impending release of Vykas, the best items for you to flip are going to be those that are consumable in nature.

Consumables such as these will primarily be utilized by players during the Legion Commander raid. Because there was such a high demand for these consumables, even after the Valtan expansion was released, their prices shot through the roof. Consumables such as sleep potions, mushrooms, splendid health potions, and whirlwind grenades are good examples of items you should try to sell during the Vykas raid. When a significant content update, particularly the Legion Raids, is released, the value of all of these consumables, including the Legion Raids, will eventually rise.

Another thing that needs to be done is getting ready for a new class that is going to be released, and this preparation should include gem and accessory flips. This will be determined by the class that the developers decide to make available first. As a result of this, it would be prudent to stock up on honing materials designated as T1 and T2. This is due to the fact that their value has a propensity to increase with each subsequent release. The Vykas update, just like any other significant change made to the North American version of Lost Ark, will result in a substantial rebalancing of the game's economy. Because of this, if you want to be in a position to make a lot of gold after the update is released, then the time to start preparing yourself is right now.

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