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Poll: Which Class is Essential to the Inferno Machine Team
tag namePoll10/23/2012

As the most popular quest after patch 1.0.5, Inferno Machine is getting increasing attention. Team has become important even if you can farm Inferno 4 solely previously. To get the Hellfire Ring, it seems that it is impossible to fight alone at the Monster Power you farm. Team would be necessary for you to fight in the Inferno machine. But which class, do you think, is essential to the inferno machine team?


Wizard has Frost Nova and Blizzard- Forzen Solid skills to frozen the Bosses and Ray of Frost to slow down the movement. It seems that Wizard would be the perfect class to control the situation keeping the boss always under Frozen situation and let the Allies to give out damage at ease. But as a control role, the damage would be limited. So it can not happen that four Wizards to fight the Inferno Machine Bosses.


Barbarian has high Damage per second and efficiency to increase the damage with the skills. This class is ideal to give out damage with the war cry. But he can not protect the teammates which only focus on the damage output.


Monk is the class which combines the Tank, Control and Heal. Wave of Light and Sweeping Wind would be the main tool to give out high damage. Blinding Flash would blind the boss and control the battle while Serenity would shield every kind of damage. Breath of Heaven can heal all the teammates at the same time. Monk is the only class that can fight with all the teammates which are the same class.


Demon Hunter with high DPS can fight far away if there is a Frozen Wizard to control the situation. But if the situation is out of control, then Demon Hunter would very easy to die. It is essential for Demon Hunter to fight at the side of a Control class. But if you compare the damage output, DH can not match Barbarian. It is very embarrassed for Demon Hunter Class.


Witch Doctor with the Zombie Bears and other summoned is a great teammate as well. But in fighting the Boss, Witch Doctor would not be so efficient compared with other classes. And it is curious that Witch Doctor is not normal in a team.


How about your opinion? Which class is essential to the Inferno Machine Team?

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