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Guild Wars 2 Beginner Guide: How to Start the Game with the Best Class

The fact that Guild Wars 2 has been out for so long may give the impression that the game is difficult to play. The good news is that we have a Guild Wars 2 guide that will assist you in getting off to a good start. This should make it easier for you to navigate the game's complicated early stages and increase the likelihood of your success in the later levels of the game. You can refer to it as a beginner's guide to Guild Wars 2 if you wish, but its objective is to assist you in determining your place in the game as quickly as possible.

Guild Wars 2 Beginner Guide: How to Start the Game with the Best Class

The first significant choice you will typically face is to choose the character to play as. Your race does have an impact on how the game is played, despite the fact that much of this is just cosmetic. You will also have access to racial powers as a result of this, in addition to the fact that it will affect the actions and locations involved in your Personal Story.

Asura is extremely intelligent beings sized similar to humans but far smaller. They are of the opinion that intellectual prowess is more important than physical ability, and their abilities are reflective of this belief. They are able to mislead and poison their opponents, create golems, and, most impressively, conjure a power suit to compensate for the fact that they are physically weak.

The Charr are a race known for their military prowess. They are just interested in fighting, and their goal is to prevail at all costs. Their skills revolve around the weapons that they use in their line of work; for example, they are able to fire a concealed pistol, summon an artillery bombardment, and wield a lethal Charrzooka.

The human race is a lost race that keeps moving forward despite the fact that they have no idea where they are going. They continue to be faithful despite the fact that they have been abandoned. They can pray to the gods to heal themselves and receive buffs, and they can even channel the power of the gods to strengthen their attacks.

The Norn are a race of giant hunters that spend their entire lives in pursuit of fame and trophies from their kills. They have the ability to assume the form of other animals in order to tap into their power and to call upon other animals to fight on their behalf. They have their choice between four various forms, all of which are powerful in their own unique way.

The Sylvari are the final race covered in this Guild Wars 2 guide. These are noble creatures, and rather than being born, they just wake up beneath the Pale Tree. These druids have the ability to create a healing seed, build turrets, and even conjure ghosts and hounds to help them in battle.

Following the selection of this, you will be able to select your class, for which we have thankfully prepared a guide. Just take a look at everything and figure out which class best fits the way you play or the talents you show off. Once you selected your character, the Guild Wars 2 gold is important to get equipment. 

There are three completely separate parts of the game. PvE, or player versus environment, is the primary focus of the game and requires players to work together with other players to progress through the story, dungeons, and raids. There includes player versus player combat, which may be accessed right away after starting the game. You can get started right away if you want because all of the gear is already at the appropriate level. Two teams, each consisting of five people, compete against one another in order to win possession of three different points. Then there is combat between worlds, where you go up against two other worlds in a competition to see which one can hold the most keeps and win other similar challenges. It's possible that this will include teams of fifty people, so get ready.

You will start off with a tutorial mission that you need to finish when you first begin. When it comes to high fantasy, the possibilities are endless after this point. The best course of action for you to do is to pursue the quest lines that you find. These will take you to each area of the world and provide you with fun things to participate in while you travel. You will have the ability to collect resources from the world, go on hunts, and eventually take on high-level dungeons and raids that require a significant amount of cooperation and competence to complete successfully. Joining a guild and making some new friends is an excellent idea, as doing so will almost invariably improve the whole experience. 

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