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NBA 2K22 Guide on How to Easily Upgrade Your Attributes in Current & Next Gen

In NBA 2K22, if you don't have any upgrade options for your MyPlayer's characteristics, how are you supposed to level them up and earn more points for them? For this reason, in this article, we will provide some of the simplest and quickest ways to obtain more attribute upgrades in 2K22 next gen and current gen, and you won't even have to spend any money doing it!

NBA 2K22 Guide on How to Easily Upgrade Your Attributes in Current & Next Gen

When it comes to creating the most overpowered player possible in NBA 2K22, one of the most important steps is to bring a player's most important attributes up to their maximum level. VC and MyPoints are two of the most essential methods for accomplishing this goal. When a preexisting quality of your character receives a level up, you are given the option to spend your VC to improve your player's statistics, and this option is available to you whenever that quality level is increased. Our site included a user-friendly approach in NBA 2K22 for both current and next generations of consoles, making it possible to acquire additional attribute upgrades.

You can see how far along you are in the process of obtaining the next available upgrade by going to the page that is labeled "Progression." On this page, your MyPOINTS account will display a percentage that indicates how far along you are. Once you pass a certain point, the difficulty of the task does increase as you move higher up there, and it continues to increase as you go further. Simply going to the Settings page of your account is all that is required of you in order to discover the secret to obtaining a large number of attribute upgrades. This is literally the simplest method that has ever been devised. You have the option of changing the setting for the Quarter Length to 12 minutes. After that, you should be eligible for additional upgrades once every two to four games, depending on how often you win.

You also need to look into the structures of your endorsement deals because that is an important aspect of those deals. If you are signed to a max contract, you will automatically receive one thousand VC for each game you play in. You might be able to get more than the amount that is guaranteed with the help of endorsements. If you are signed to a maximum contract and have endorsements, you should be receiving approximately two to three thousand virtual currency (VC) for each game you play in.

You have the ability to make changes to the rotation minutes; more specifically, you have the ability to take minutes away from your player and give them to other people if you do not wish to play for a particularly long stretch of time. If that is something you are interested in, you could play each quarter for 12 minutes, which would bring the total amount of time you play down to 24 minutes per game. One of the players may be given the opportunity to use the remaining time. You would still be given a sizeable amount of VC, and you would be given the same number of attribute points as before. It is not required to play in quarters that are each for a duration of 12 minutes; rather, you have the option of playing in quarters that are either for a duration of 8 or 9 minutes, giving you a total of 24 minutes to play with during each game. If you are going to play quarters that last either 8 or 9 minutes, you should probably give yourself the maximum number of minutes that you are able to get away with. It's probably a good idea to get your attribute points a lot faster than you should, even though you probably don't want to do that at all.

Playing the game, which will also most likely reward you with a large number of NBA 2K MT points, is the only way to really increase the amount of MyPOINTS or attribute upgrades that you have access to. There isn't really a hack that you can use to do this. You can go into your Park instead of playing MyCAREER games if you don't feel like playing those games. One more way to add to your build's capabilities is to participate in Park games. You can go into your Park instead of playing MyCAREER games if you don't feel like playing those games. Before moving on to anything else, you should make sure that you have spent your progression upgrades on the things that are completely essential to your success.

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