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NBA 2K22 Stretch Facilitator Build - Best Power Forward Build 2K22 Current Gen

There are a ton of different ways to create a power forward build in NBA 2K22 MyCAREER, depending on how you select the pie chart, attributes, body settings, takeover, and badges. Now let’s check out the breakdown of an overpowered NBA 2K22 stretch facilitator build, which shows an easy way to build a current-gen power forward. 

NBA 2K22 Stretch Facilitator Build - Best Power Forward Build 2K22 Current Gen

Make sure you make him a power forward, the hand does not matter, choose whatever you want. Then go to the pie chart selection. Power forwards perform a role that is comparable to that of centers on a basketball team. They frequently play offensively with their backs turned towards the hoop, and they position themselves defensively under the basket when playing a zone defense or against the opposing power forward when playing man-to-man defense. When playing man-to-man defense, it is their job to protect the power forward position of the other team. Now take a look at all of the details of the best PF build for 2K22 current gen. Having VC and MyTEAM points can help you much in the game. Check out more best NBA 2K22 build guides for other positions and archetypes. 

Skill Breakdown

Go with the pie chart that has the most green and red.

Physical Profile

It's gonna be the pure speed pie chart you want the most speed out of this build.

Potential Attributes

Starting at the finishing, max out close shot, standing and driving dunk, for the shooting attributes, max out mid-range, three-point, then max up all your playmaking, you're gonna want as much playmaker as you can. Finally on the defense, steal's not that important, you still get steals, you should get bumps, so max out the rebound, and then put the rest on the free throw. The attributes are so balanced and this build can do everything, so the finishing badges, you get like gold limitless, gold slithery, so that's enough to finish really good, you can also get some good shooting, some good, and some good defense badges.

- Finishing: Close Shot 83, Driving Layup 42, Driving Dunk 68, Standing Dunk 74, Post Hook 28

- Shooting: Mid-Range Shot 80, Three-Point Shot 78, Free Throw 79, Post Fade 50

- Playmaking: Pass Accuracy 69, Ball Handle 58, Post Control 64

- Defense/Rebounding: Interior Defense 78, Perimeter Defense 67, Lateral Quickness 68, Steal 43, Block 85, Offensive Rebound 48, Defensive Rebound 86

Body Settings

For the body type, it doesn't really matter, you could pick whatever. For the height, he is six foot seven. You're gonna want to lower the weight all the way and you'll want to max out the wingspan.

- Body Shape: 

- Height: 6’7”

- Weight: 180 lbs

- Wingspan: 89.0”


When it comes to the takeover, you can pick a rim takeover, which helps you get stops on post scores and play better defense, a sharp takeover is good as well, you might never lose a game, and you'll go crazy every single game and you'll probably get it faster. So you’ll have a stretch facilitator build eventually. 

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