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Diablo 3 Guide: Monk Top Four Builds in Patch 1.0.8
tag nameDiablo 3 Guide01/07/2014

If you are a brand new Monk player or a returned player who are interested in Monk, you would  be curious about what Monk players are doing with their builds. We have gathered the information for both Dual wield and Two-handed builds for our players.


Top one: Dual Wield Exploding Palm Cyclone Build
If you would like to contribute damage for your team while pulling as well, Exploding Palm would be the one you are looking for. But this build, you can not prep the Decaying Crypt.

diablo 3 monk cyclone palm build

Fists of Thunder - Quickening spirit generation fastest
Exploding Palm - Essence Burn This is the main damage build for this build. Target the normal monsters with little health, and you would see it explodes and burn nearby enemies. It is really a view to see the palm pressed on all the enemies around you.
Serenity - Ascension: In MP10, the Arcane and Poison would sometimes severe more than you can bear. This is the skill which can save your ass.
Mantra of Healing - Time of Need: Increase absorb damage as well as increase all resistance
Sweeping Wind - Cyclone: Critical Hits may generate lighting tornado
Cyclone Strike- Implosion: increase the pulling distance
Passive Skills: Guiding Light, Exalted Soul, One with Everything


diablo 3 monk fist weapon

In the off hand choices, it would be best to choose a Fist Weapon to increase attack speed, Life on Hit, and Life Gain per Spirit Spent.

Top two: Two-handed Infinite Tempest Rush Bell Build

diablo 3 monk two handed tr bell build


Fists of Thunder - Quickening The quickest spirit generating skills with critical hits grant 15 spirit
Wave of Light - Empowered Wave Main damage skills with reduced spirit cost rune
Mystic Ally - Air Ally very few of us can think of this skill rune have 2% chance to generate 100 spirit.
Sweeping Wind - Inner Storm with three stacks of wind, you gain 3 spirit per second
Tempest Rush - Tailwind increase your movement which can aggro the monster in Decaying Crypt as well
Mantra of Healing - Circular Breathing heal as well as regenerate 3 spirit per second
Passive skills:
The Guardian's Path all spirit regeneration is increased by 35%
Mantra of Resonance: 2 spirit per second
Exalted Soul: increase Maximum spirit by 100, 1 spirit per second


With these skills, you can gain 8 spirit per second. With Inna Set and the fight spirit regeneration, you should not worry about your spirit issue anymore.


Mantra of Healing + Mystic Ally to start the game. You should pay attention to the life of the Mystic Ally as he has 2% chance to give you 100 spirit which is a huge number.

Tempest Rush + Sweeping Wind to run the map and kill small pack monsters

Fists of Thunder + Wave of Light to kill the tricky monsters and Elites.


Top threeDual Wield Cyclone Strike TR Build
The Monk position in a team is to pull the monsters together for Wizard Freeze or Archon. This can make the monsters together and increase the team efficiency.

diablo 3 monk dual wield tr cyclone strike build


Top four: Dual Wield Combination Strike Lightning Build

diablo 3 monk combination strike build

This build would require two special items, Stone of Jordan and Won Khim Lau.

diablo 3 items stone of jordan

Fists of Thunder - Thunder Clap and Sweeping Wind - Cyclone all gives out lightning damage.
Fists of Thunder + Way of the Hundred Fists can have more 8% damage with passive skill Combination Strike.

diablo 3 items won khim lau

If you would like some Diablo 3 Interesting Story, you can visit One Sentence about the Story Between You and D3 in 2013.

Written by Phebe sal Game Reviewer

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