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Poll: Which Level of Monster Power are You Challenging
tag namePoll10/19/2012

Finally there comes the Patch 1.0.5. The social friends on the list are active again. Due to some skill updates and monster power, players have to come out with new build to cope with the new situation. You must have tried several level Monster Power as soon as your patch is complete, I bet. Have you found out that which level is the perfect level for you to get fast Paragon Power Leveling and get the lucky drops while able to kill the monsters efficiently? Which Level of Monster Power are you challenging?


How can you find out which level is suitable for you? This is not decided by killing the normal monsters but the Champions and Elites. If you find that you die more than four times in a pack of Elites, then you should choose easier part. Or the loot you get is not even enough for your repair fee. As the items level and drop rate are the same in all act, you can go to the Act I to farm as the map is not in the limited space but in the open space. This can give you room to dodge and take the perfect position.


The monk popular passive skill Seize the Initiative “Conversion of Dexterity to Armor reduced from 100% to 50%” is the main change for Monk. And the monster with Arcane Enchanted Waller Teleporter affix is a great challenge for both the Monk and Barbarian. So if you think you can clear the dungeon in the same gear and skills, then you are wrong. This will lead to a wave of passive skill changes in the Monk.


With the Monster Power system, players can be clarified into several categories even though previously these players all farm in the Inferno mode Act III. This is the time when you have to consider updates your equipment. Take the poll and make the difference.

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