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Diablo 3 Guide: 80 Million XP Bonus in Half an Hour in Act I
tag nameDiablo 3 Guide12/28/2013

Do you want to know how other players get power level faster than you are? They know how to choose the right place and right team. I just saw a quest from the public channel needing three more. I take my pulling Monk take part in. The team consists of A freezing Wizard, An Archon Wizard and a WW Barbarian. This is actually the most efficient team I can find. Pulling Monk pull all monsters together, Freezing Wizard freeze them infinite, Archon Wizard and Barbarian do the high damage. It is Okay for a MP10 Monk with less than 50K DPS as long as you have high armor and health potion. Now let me show you how we work out.


Monk Cyclone Tempest Rush Build:
With Water Ally and Mantra of Healing on, I can get 8.1 spirit per second with stone of Jordan. I did not equip Inna four set because I want high EHP as I mention before. A Blackthorne's Surcoat chest armor and Blackthorne's Notched Belt can give me high vitality as well as +100 vitality bonus. Passive skills Chant of Resonance and Exalted Soul are the basic passive skills. You can change One with everything to Seize the Initiative. The reason I do not choose the Guardian's Path is the I need a Shield EHP and all resistance.

diablo 3 power level fast tr cyclone monk build


Life recovery: Life per second 1468.00, Life per Hit 1101.00. While my damage is only 31956, I do not choose life steal. And as Life steal would be aborted in Reaper of Souls, the items I have now with life on hit would do in ROS as well.

diablo 3 monk life recovery


Weapon: You do not have to spend much on the weapon. Find one with +230 Vitality, Life on hit around 400, then insert a Purple gem to add 700 life on hit.


Monk Cyclone TR build farming route:
Prepare Decaying Crypt -> Prepare Weeping Hollow
As long as there is someone shouting in the channel, you can join them with this build. In prepare part, just use the Tempest Rush to vomit the mother monster. In battle fight, use Cyclone strike to pull all the monsters for other teammates.


Farming Drops and XP bonus: When I start the game, I am paragon level 2 and finish the farming at Paragon level 7 just in half an Hour. During this farm in MP10, I get three legendary drops. The orange beam always cheer me up although I know that it is garbage.


I guess if you are power level new class, you would be interested in how to power level 1- 60 in three hours.

Written by Phebe sal Game Reviewer
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