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ROS: Ten Things You Need to Know about Diablo 3 Expansion
tag nameROS12/26/2013

Do you really know whole story of Reaper of Souls? Of course, you know that Diablo 3 Auction House would close at 18/03/2014 and ROS come out at 25/03/2014 with standar editon 39.99 dollars. But we have collected other important information from blue post for your reference.


New Inferno Machine: You have to find Key of Bones, key of Gluttony, Key of War and Key of Evil to craft the new inferno Machine. Which would cost 100,000 Diablo 3 Gold.

diablo 3 new inferno machine


Character Slots: Standard edition Reaper of Souls will receive 2 additional character slots while Digital Deluxe or Collector's Edition will receive 5 additional character slots. As there would be no inventory chest added, you would consider the items stored in the alt heroes. With the two additional character slots, you can create a Female Crusader and a male Crusader. Or you could create one Normal mode Crusader or a Hardcore Mode Crusader.

diablo 3 character slots in reaper of souls


Spectral Hound minion: You would not get wings in Digital Deluxe edition but with a Spectral hound Minion which can be unsummoned just like the wings.

diablo 3 spectral hound minion


Life Steal stats: You have to learn to dodge the incoming damage instead of stand in the poison and fight with high DPS and Life Steal. Life Steal would be removed in ROS. So if you want to have your current weapon with LS to farm from level 60 and onward, you should give up the thought.

diablo 3 no life steal stats in ros


Items Enchant: Low items can not be enchanted to higher items. For example, iLvl 63 items can not be crafted to iLvl 65. The stats ilvl items can not be enchanted to surpass items ilvl 65.


Hold CTRL for roll information: You do not have to find guides about what is the cap for certain stats. Like the items of this wand. We can see that Monster kills grant +50 experience stat is the least. You can even get one with +79 experience. In the future, you can get the XP bonus from items easily not limited in the current hellfire ring, leoric ring and cain set.

hold CTRL to roll information


New interesting Stats: I have see an interesting items secondary stats like "While moving your resource generation and damage is increased by 25%. While Stationary your resource regeneration and damage is reduced by 25%". This can make other passive skills rather shame.

diablo 3 interesting new stats


Health Potion: the potion restore life in responding with your EHP not the fixed life restore. This can make those with high EHP rather pleased.

diablo 3 new health potion


MF/GF bonus from Paragon level and Nephalem Valor would be removed in ROS.


Diablo 3 Enchant: You can reroll the original stats to a higher number or with other other options.

diablo 3 enchant

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Written by Phebe sal Game Reviewer
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