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Diablo 3 Guide: Monk Tempest Rush Bell Build and Videos in Decaying Crypt
tag nameDiablo 3 Guide12/10/2013

Monk TR Bell build is a build that can match with Barbarian WW build with solo efficiency. In a party, you would make your other mates rather frustrating. So if you are the one who prefer to farm alone and farm Demonic Essence, then come and try this High End Diablo 3 Monk Tempest Rush Bell Build with us. With Decaying Crypt on hot discussion, you can vomit the mother monster as Barbarian as well.


Weapon: two-handed Skorn
Demonic Essence Farm Place: Vault of the Assassin
Power Level Place: Decaying Crypt


TR Bell skills and Runes!dcb!YbbYZa

diablo 3 monk tr bell build skills

Fists of Thunder - Quickening Best Spirit generator skills and critical hits add spirit runes
Wave of Light - Empowered Wave Main damage skill with reduced spirit cost rune
Mystic Ally - Air Ally You can not imagine that your summoned ally can generate 100 spirit for you as well.
Sweeping Wind - Inner Storm in three stack and you would gain 3 spirit per second.
Tempest Rush - Tailwind increase movement speed
Mantra of Conviction - Overawe


Passive Skills: The Guardian's path, Chant of Resonance, Exalted Soul
With all the buffs on, I can get 7 spirit regeneration per second. With this figure, I can almost get infinite Tempest Rush on full speed. To be able to fight in MP10, you need at least 50K EHP, 750 all resistance, 100k DPS to get full life steal working. Of course, this build would cost more than the Barbarian.

diablo 3 items stone of jordan


Always remember to check the life of Mystic Ally. When he is alive which can give you the chance of 100 spirit. When he dies, summon him immediately at once.


Decaying Crypt Runs
Head North East to find the Decaying Crypt and then with this build, you can vomit the mother monster just like Barbarian. As you can see from this video that the mother monster would increase the density greatly.


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Written by Phebe sal Game Reviewer
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