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Diablo 3 Guide: 1.0.5 Patch Legendary Items Latest Trend
tag nameDiablo 3 Guide10/18/2012

D3 legendary items drop rate has doubled as the patch 1.0.5 updates. What’s more, the monster power system increases the magic items rate largely as well. Large amount of legendary items successively come out.


What are the top legendary items?


Top one-hand weapon with Damage per second 1000+, one empty socket and life steal, if with the stat of Critical hit damage, then would be perfect. In the auction house, this kind of weapon should be around 200 Million Diablo 3 Gold. With the updates Sprint and Whirlwind, this would be worth a try.


ECHOING FURY is one of the most high damage 1-hand weapons. With the Monster Power Level 10, two-handed weapon is not able to survive easily. Whirldwind and Sprint build Barbarian is coming back. In monster power the monster health are increased enormously. Life steal would be the main stream in choosing the weapon. In this weapon the chance to fear on Hit are large determined by the attack speed. The Fear would be more apparent if the attack speed is higher.


How to choose suitable legendary items?



Top 1-hand weapon, damage 900+, critical hit damage, empty socket, life steal, strength and vitality. All this stats are very impressive. When you wave this weapon which also owns certain trigger effects can drag the enemies to you when attacking.


I would recommend THE BUTCHER’S SICKLE to most players. Although this weapon has lower attack speed compared with Echoing Fury. But to a Barbarian, when you choose the skill Frenzy, you attack speed is almost saturation. The price of this weapon is about 20 Million D3 Gold in the Auction House. The most important stats of this weapon are that the life steal and critical hit damage are really super.


In the early time of patch 1.0.5, the price of legendary items would be quite confusing. We would recommend the players not buy the high price Top Legendary Diablo 3 Items blind. In the future, we would provide you with the legendary items recommendation. Keep tuned. We are always with you.

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