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ROS: How do You Like Items Bind on Account
tag nameROS11/25/2013

Previously, a lot of players complain that the game is unfair to those who spent hours of time to farm. The items they loot for days can be obtained by those who spend a few dollars in a second. So Blizzard close the AH and make the Items in Reaper of Souls Bind on Account. But will this make all the players happy really? What is your opinion?

diablo 3 items bind on account in reaper of souls


It is on the right track finally. This can make those who farm most powerful. Your equipment is determined by your time in game not by the money you have spend on Diablo 3 Gold instead. With all legendary items bind, this can prevent certain account hack. What's more, with the smart drops introduced, you do not need trade as much as before.

diablo 3 legendary items bind on account in ros


It can be better with Bind on Sale. For example, when you have three really great Won Khim Lau for your Monk, you can not trade it with others. But it would be a pity to discard it as the chest would not be expanded. You chest would be filled with items you do not want to craft into materials. But if it can become Bind on Sale, it would make this situation much better.


It totally sucks. When you all have got what you want, you would just AFK the game as before. You can not just give players what they want. When those who cry nothing to do finishing all heroes to Inferno Monster Power 10, they launch the Paragon Level 100. And now the no cap Paragon comes out. Someone complain about Auction House, they just shut down the AH. Even you have done all this, you can not stop those who are always unsatisfied.


Not sure yet. A lot of players still not have the opportunity to experience ROS yet. We can not predict where would the Items Bound on Account would go. But one thing is certain that we would not buy expansion or not buy just because of Items Bind on Account.

Written by Phebe sal Game Reviewer
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