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Diablo 3 Guide: Monk Uber Boss Two Handed Solo Build for Hellfire Rings
tag nameDiablo 3 Guide11/20/2013

While Blizzard developer are busy with the Reaper of souls and Paragon 2.0, players are engaged with the fast Diablo 3 Power Leveling to get a head start at the Paragon Points. Hellfire Ring would be the essential part for your experience bonus part. 42% XP bonus can be get through Hellfire Ring on you and your follower. This time we would introduce the easiest build with least items requirement to defeat all the three pairs of Uber boss.


Monk Uber Boss Build!adV!acacbY:

Firsts of Thunder - Thunder Clap + Blinding Flash - Faith in the Light
These two are the main skills of this build. Blinds the enemies and increase damage at the same time. With the association with the quickest spirit generating skills in the form of lighting.


Mantra of Conviction - Overawe + Sweeping Wind: These two skills are the basic skills you should give at the beginning of the fight. As soon as they are timed out, you should reset them always. As there are three seconds duration of Conviction, you should not worry about it a lot.


Breath of Heaven - Blazing Wrath + Serenity - Ascension: These two are the life saving skills. As soon as you lose some life, you can always use Breath of Heaven to heal yourself. At the same time, it can increase damage. Serenity is for those critical moment. For example, when you are caught by the Berserker, you can use Serenity to save your life.


Passive Skills: Resolve + The Guardian's Path + Beacon of Ytar
Resolve to reduce damage received, Guardian to increase spirit generation to ensure you always have enough spirit to use Serenity, Beacon of Ytar to reduce the cool down time. As this build do not include Wave of Light, you do not have to have special items to increase the spirit regeneration items.


Items Requirements:
4.8% Life Steal or 2.8% Life Steal + 1000 Life on Hit to make sure you can always get life as long as you are in the battle.
180k+ DPS to make sure you can kill boss before they get enraged.
550k EHP and 600 all resistance without one with everything.


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Written by Phebe sal Game Reviewer

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