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Diablo III: Claim Your Honor with Google Profile Image in D3 Guide Search
tag nameDiablo III11/18/2013

Just like Diablo 3 Achievements in the form of icon on the Banner, you can claim your original Diablo 3 Guide with your Google Profile Image on the Google Search now. It is a shame to see that your original farming guides are shared by others without even referring you. As long as you cooperate with us, we would show your avatar on the Google Search. Your friends and relatives would all know that this guide is from you. Isn't it cool?


Google Search and you would find the avatar like below. Submit your guides to community manager of and he would contact you about the authorship.


Upload your Google Profile with a clear face on it. The image should include a clear recognizable face.


Go to your Profile About Page, In the link Contributor part, add on your page. Then as long as we have publish your article, you can see your images with that guide. Isnt't this a great idea?


Once your article is adopted by us, you can have 15,000,000 normal mode Diablo 3 Gold gift as well. Come to us for the Honor as well as for the Gold.

Written by Phebe sal Game Reviewer
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