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Poll: Best Act to Farm Diablo 3 Paragon Level
tag namePoll11/16/2013

No matter if you are PC, PS3 or XBOX Diablo 3 player, you must have your own best farming Act to achieve fast Paragon Level 100. You may have seen the guides shared by others or create it all by your own experience. Before Patch 1.0.8, most players would think Act III as the best Act. Until the reveling of Act I Decaying Crypt, 80 percent of players are found in Act I farming. If you want to know the location of Decaying Crypt, you can find guide at


Act I: Festering Woods -> Fields of Misery (Decaying Crypt) ->Weeping Hallows

If you are a Demon Hunter or Wizard, it would be better for you to team with a Barbarian or Monk. Monk and Barbarian can go to the Fields of Misery to find the Crypt and make the Mother mobs vomit more monsters. The other teammates to find the Elites and beat them to little health. Remember not to death. You should wait till all your other teammates to kill the Elites together to get the NV as a team. This is a great way to power level your alt heroes as well. You can change to your alt account and get the five NV and farm the Crypt. Main hero with high DPS would make the find and beat task easier. If you do not have found five Nephalem Valor in the Festering Woods, you can try it at Leoric or directly at Misery.


You can find the Weeping Hollow Location directly through the town to North or go to Cemetery of The Forsaken first.

diablo 3 the weeping hollow location


Act II: Western and Eastern Channel -> The Storm Halls -> The Forgotten Ruins -> Dahlgur Oasis
You can find Channels and The Forgotten Ruins in the Dahlgur Oasis. The Storm halls around the Zoulten Kulle. This route advantages are easy monster and good Density. You can follow the video and test your best route.


diablo 3 best farming route

Written by Phebe sal Game Reviewer

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