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ROS: Diablo 3 Bounty and Nephalem Rifts
tag nameROS11/13/2013

Do you have enough knowledge about Diablo 3 expansion Reaper of Souls new challenge Bounty, Nephalem Rifts and Rift Keystone? Come and see how much you know. For a long time we would not heard news about Diablo 3 Expansion Reaper of Souls after the 2013 Blizzcon. We have get a lot of information, but a few things need our attention.

diablo 3 adventure mode act i map


Adventure Mode Bounty System: There are five blue exclamation mark on each act meaning that you have five Bounty spot correspondingly. There you would get lots of rewards like Gold and Experience. More importantly, you may have to change to get the Rift Keystones which is the key to Nephalem Rifts. It may sound a little strange for you. But If I tell you Nephalem Rifts are the current name o Loot Runs, does this sound familiar? This means you do not have to see the stories and cut scenes. Just slay the monster as fast as you can and get as much as bounty as possible.

diablo 3 adventure mode bounty


Nephalem Rifts: This is a randomized dungeon to reward you with your speed. There would be overwhelming monsters waiting for you here. You do not have to find the best farming route to get fast D3 Power Leveling anymore. Of course, this place would be the be power level place for you. As the monster are random as well, you can not predict which kind of prefix monster you would come across. Maybe you would find 10 Diablo 3 Gold Goblins here. But it would also be frustrating when the goblin run at all directions. You do not know which one to chase.


How to get Rift Keystone: When you have heard so much challenges about Nephalem Rifts, you must want to know how to get the key Rift Keystone. Community Manager Lylirra has told us that it can drop from the bounty as well as the monsters in the adventure mode.

how to get diablo 3 rift keystone

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