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Diablo 3 Guide: How to Build CM WW Wizard in Monster Power 10 Guide
tag nameDiablo 3 Guide10/14/2013

You can use Critical Mass / Wicked Wind Build solo high Monster Power or do the Uber bosses. With the right attack speed items and Diablo 3 Gold budget, you can freeze the monsters permanently. They can not even have time to fight back. What's more, it can give decent damage as well.


Below is the skills and runes for CM/WW build:

diablo 3 wizard cm ww build

Core Skills: Energy Twister- Wicked Wind + Critical Mass
Critical twister would reduce the Cool down time beneficial from Critical Mass. As long as you can find monsters, your Frost Nova CD time can refresh rather quickly. Then you can spam this skills as you want.


Energy Armor + Slow Time + Frost Nova + Energy Twister: This set of skills would keep it going. You can control the battle field with endless freezing and Bubble. Energy twister would sustain the freezing and dealing damage.


Explosive Blast: This is the big skill of this build. If you want to end this battle quickly. A few blast would make your wish come true.


To get a constant freeze, you need meet these attack speed and critical chance standard:
2.73 or 3.01 Attack per Second, 55%+ Critical Hit Chance, 100k+ Damage per Second
800+ Life on HIt, 20 Arcane Power on Critical Hits
5500+ armor, 700+ all resistance, 10k Health Potion


Recommended Weapon and Off hand: Chantodo's Will + Chantodo's Force

diablo 3 wizard weapon chantodo's will

  • 1. New Loot System
  • 2. Nephalem Trials
  • 3. New Paragon Level and Point System
  • 4. New Act of Content
  • 5. Gear Transmogrification
  • 6. New Crusader playable character Class
  • 7. Loot Runs
  • 8. Maximum level to 70
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