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Diablo 3 Guide: Wizard Sleet Storm Blizzard Blast Build
tag nameDiablo 3 Guide10/11/2013

Having upgraded my Monk to Paragon Level 100, I start a new Wizard. Most of the time, my wizard are using the Archon build. In lower Monster Power, this build is easiest and most efficient. You can clear the whole map with the one skill as long as there are enough monster on your way. But recently I have saw a post about Sleet Storm Blizzard Blast build with two handed weapon Skorn. I decide to borrow the Skorn from the Monk to the Wizard to see what would happen.


Sleet Storm Blizzard Blast Build skills and Runes:

diablo 3 wizard sleet storm blizzard blast build


Play Style: Magic Weapon + Storm Armor
Whenever you have enough Arcane power, refresh these two to increase damage.


Blizzard ==> Ray of Frost ==> Explosive Blast ==> Teleport


This is a melee stand still build as Sleet Storm can only be cast stand at one spot. Blizzard to chill down and slow the movement speed of the monster crowd. Then Sleet Storm and Explosive Blast to kill them at one spot. When it is finished, Teleport to another spot. To ensure you not die easily in melee fight, you need to increase your EHP at 50k around.


Passive Skills: Astral Presence, Critical Mass, Cold Blooded

Astral Presence is mainly used to increase Arcane regeneration. If you do not have Arcane shortage issue, you can replace this with Blur to reduce melee damage received.


Critical Mass: Reduce cooldown time of Teleport and Explosive Blast. As you do not have the Diamond Skin, you need to have Teleport available always to escape for life.


Cold Blooded: Ray of Frost and Blizzard are all the forms of Cold Damage. This passive skills can increase the cold damage by 20% which is quite noticeable.

diablo 3 skill cold blooded

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