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ROS: Expansion Reaper of Souls Paragon 2.0 System Clarification
tag nameROS10/23/2013

Diablo 3 Expansion Reaper of Souls would bring us Paragon 2.0 and many other interesting changes like Loot 2.0 and Nephalem Trials. But how much do you know about Paragon 2.0? Do you know that only max level characters can share the Paragon points across the same kind of core mode? Do you know that you can respec your Paragon points at any time? Although there is no cap for the paragon level, there is a limit of points cap at Offense, Defense and Utility.


diablo 3 paragon 2.0 max level

Max Level to Get the Paragon Points: If you do not buy the expansion ROS, then you would get the Paragon Points pool as soon as Paragon 2.0 goes alive. For example, if you get a Paragon Level 100 Barbarian, 100 LVL Monk, 100 LVL Wizard, you decide to play another Demon Hunter. You would get 300 Paragon Level which would transformed into corresponding Paragon Points. As soon as your Demon Hunter get level 60, you would have that points changed by the 300 paragon level. But if you have bought Reaper of Souls, then you have to upgrade your Monk, Barbarian and Wizard to Level 70 to get that Paragon Points.



diablo 3 paragon 2.0 update

Respec Paragon Points: I guess you have to spend some Diablo 3 Gold to reset your points. Or the system would go crazy because everyone can experiment just by random thought.


diablo 3 paragon 2.0 cap for poits

Points Restricted to specific Category: This means you can not put all your points to enhance your Critical Hit Chance and Critical Hit Damage. This would be insane to mean every hit to be critical hit damage. You get points in Core stats, Offence, Defense and Utility in turn. Then you can specify your Core stats to increase Dexterity or Vitality and so on.

diablo 3 paragon 2.0 points stats


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