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Poll: What Kind of Affixes do You Want Goblin to Have
tag namePoll10/08/2013

When I Mention Diablo 3 Rings Stone of Jordan and Unity, what would you think of? Yes, damage to Elites. Do you know for certain that % damage to Elite useful for Treasure Goblin? It seems that a lot of players do not know that for sure. And Community Manager Nevalistis has confirmed that "% Bonus Damage to Elites applies to Treasure Goblins".

damage to elites applies to diablo 3 goblin


Goblin can only run without fighting back. But if they have affixes and with great drops. It would be fun. What kind of affixes do you want Diablo 3 Goblin to have, Molten, Extra Health, Extra Fast, Teleport or Illusionist?

diablo 3 rings stone of jordan and unity


Molten: When the Goblin is slain by you, it would explode and all the treasure in the bag would drop down. This is cool and fits in the drop theory. But the loot should be good for the challenge.


Extra Health: This would be hard for you to kill. Just like the Elites with extra health affixes.


Extra Fast: Even for Barbarian, it is not possible for Barbarian to catch up the Goblin without enough monster crowd around to get Fury back. This means that you can only catch this kind of Goblin in a team.


Teleport: It would run away. Instead, it would teleport around you. And make it confusing for you to wonder where it is. But this is the fun part. Right?


Illusionist: The Goblin would give three illusionists. And which one should you after when all the illusionist run towards different direction? It would be really amusing.

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