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Diablo 3 Guide: Monk Two-Handed Cyclone Strike Party Build
tag nameDiablo 3 Guide10/04/2013

Both in Public Game and Friend Party Farming, Diablo 3 Monk Cyclone Strike is the most popular build to their teammates with the damage buff as well healing effect. As the XP bonus and MF/GF increase in cooperation since Patch 1.0.8, public game players increase enormously. Monk Two-handed Cyclone Strike come to popularity since then.


Cyclone Strike build Skills and Runes:
Sweeping Wind + Tempest Rush: Rush into the monster center, and keep the Seeping Wind up to give damage as well gaining spirit while in third vortex. You should choose a center spot where you do not have to move around much so you can pull all the monsters together. Tailwind is chosen for this reason to increase the pulling distance.

diablo 3 monk cyclone strike party build


Cyclone Strike - Implosion: Pull all the monsters towards you so the teammates can fight together, especially good for the freezing Wizard to control, Barbarian and Witch Doctor to give out damage. You have to keep Cyclone Strike alive as soon as some monsters are leaving your circle.


Mantra of Healing + Mantra of Conviction: When your spirit stack enough, you can activate this two to keep your party life regeneration and damage increase.


Crippling Wave: To increase the spirit regeneration when your spirit is not enough.


Passive Skills: The Guardian’s Path, Guiding Light, Fleet Footed
To keep the Cyclone Strike alive, you need high Spirit Regeneration. The Guardian’s Path would increase the spirit regeneration. Guiding Light to increase damage based on the healing you give to the team. Fleeted Footed can ensure that you can always lead the team.


Equipment Requirement: Skorn with Life steal and dexterity
Natalya boots and ring to get 7% critical hit chance
Inna Four Set to get spirit regeneration and decrease spirit cost of Sweeping Wind

diablo 3 inna pants


If you want to use this build in solo farming, you just have to change a few skills like below:

diablo 3 monk cyclone strike solo build

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