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Diablo 3 Guide: Wizard Archon Build 1.0.8 and its Variants
tag nameDiablo 3 Guide10/01/2013

Do you know that 50% Wizard in Patch 1.0.8 use Archon Build and its variants? CM/Archon is so popular for several reasons you may have found yourself. This time, we would like to discuss Archon build and its advantages and disadvantages with you.


Energy Armor + Magic Weapon + Archon + Diamond Skin: These four skills are the core them of this build. And every variants would include them as well. Before you turn into Archon, use Energy Armor to increase the critical hit and Magic Weapon to increase damage and life steal. Then the efficiency of Archon would be improved dramatically. As long as there is enough Demons, you can sustain your Archon. Even when your Archon become time out, your cool down tie for it would be due as well.


Energy Twister + Frost Nova: Energy Twister can keep the Frost Nova refresh as soon as you can imagine. In time time gap o Archon, you can control the situation with Frost Nova and Diamond Skin. So the rune Crystal Shell is added to increase the damage absorption.

diablo 3 wizard archon build energy twister variants


Shock Pulse + Familiar: This skill would last as long as 5 minutes to increase your damage. Shock Pulse would make an AOE damage with the passive skill Arcane Dynamo.

diablo 3 wizard archon build shock pulse variants


Passive skills combinations:
Glass Cannon + Galvanizing Ward + Critical Mass
Glass Cannon + Evocation + Critical Mass


Disadvantage of this Build: There is no big skill when Archon is in cooldown time. Shock Pulse can be a little slow. Anyway, this build theory is to keep Archon as long as you can. Sometimes, you can clear all the map with just Archon.


Off hand Weapon Recommendation: Triumvirate
Additional lightning damage and arcane damage bonus would make your Archon more charming. If you get Shock Pulse, the advantage would be more obvious.

diablo 3 wizard off hand triumvirate

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