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Poll: Which Stats do You Want from Diablo 3 New Gem Diamond
tag namePoll09/29/2013

I guess you must have heard that Reaper of Souls would introduce a new kind of gem - Diamond into the expansion. Which stats do you want most the damage to Elites, cooldown time reduction or the all resistance from Diablo 3 New Gem Diamond?

diablo 3 gem diamond


Weapon Damage to Elites: We used to get this stats from rings Stone of Jorden and Unity. In the Brawling, the other players are regarded as Elite as well, so this is good. But we still do not know in PVP, whether or not the other players would be seen as Elites.


Helm Reduces cooldown of Skills: If you are not in a rush to get that paragon points, I do think this stats sounds great. Even if there are Trifecta Cap for Wizard, this would still make Wizard infinite Freezing build working.


Armor Increases all resistance: If the game still comes easy as this, I do not think all resistance would be welcome. Just like the Shield situation now. You can charge like a Killing Machine, why should you need all resistance and block chance?


Anyway, it is always good to see something new in the expansion. Which stat do you like best?

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