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Poll: Which Monk Weapon do You Choose
tag namePoll09/26/2013

A lot of Monk players are wondering if they should choose weapon based on attack speed or the mere DPS in mind. Generally Dual Wield like Echoing Fury, Fist Weapon and Won Khim Lau would give you lots of APS (attack per second). Two-Handed like Skorn would give you a lot of DPS boost with less Diablo 3 Gold cost. Anyway, which Monk weapon do you choose and for what reason?


Echoing Fury: EH is the treasure for every class just like two-handed Skorn. Although the chance to fear on hit is annoy, you can choose Fear on hit less than 10% which would not give you much trouble. You can search on the Auction House with Main stats and Socket. Generally the weapon is with + attack speed. If you want more, you can choose Attack Speed %. Fast attack speed means more spirit regeneration. If you choose Wave of Light as your big skill, you can use them in combination to conquer the Diablo 3 world.

diablo 3 weapon echoing fury


Won Khim Lau: +294 - 683 Lightning Damage, Adds 5% to Lighting Damage, Lightning Skills deal 19% more damage. You can choose with socket and life steal or critical hit damage and life steal. It is not possible for you to have life steal, critical hit damage and socket all in one. This weapon is made for Monk. With the skill Fists of Thunder, you can clear the map faster than you think.

diablo 3 monk weapon won khim lau


Fist Weapon: Shenlong's Fist of Legend is the gift of this class as well. High attack speed, + Dexterity, + attack speed can critical hit damage. But the drawback is that you can not have critical hit damage and socket all in one.

diablo 3 monk fist weapon shenglong's first of legend


Skorn: You can high critical hit damage, life steal and socket all in one. What's more, you can save the money two in one to buy a better one. The high critical hit damage can save you a lot of gem gold cost. Like this one Critical hit damage +200%, this can save you almost 70 million D3 Gold.

diablo 3 weapon skorn


Crafted Weapon: You can go to the Auction House to buy the Plan: Exalted Grand Conquest Sword. I have spend 100 million to get this one with lighting damage, +dexterity, critical hit damage, life steal and a socket. I guess if you want to buy rare items in the auction house with these stats, it should cost you a lot. But if you are lucky, you can really save a lot.

diablo 3 crafted weapon


Dropped Rare items: Now the Auction House is going crazy a items with critical hit damage, life steal and socket are expensive. This one with 100% critical hit damage is labeled 2 billion gold. But I guess you have farmed some really good items by your own.
diablo 3 rare dropped weapon

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