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Diablo 3 Guide: Reaper of Souls Crusader Skills Spoiler
tag nameDiablo 3 Guide09/15/2013

Diablo 3 Fans have managed to get the datamining of Crusader skills. This has been confirmed by Blizzard officially. Although the statistic may change when it is live, we can have a look at what the skills make Crusader so special.

diablo 3 crusader skill sheet 1

diablo 3 crusader skill sheet 2


Heavenly Strength - "You can wield a 2-handed weapon in your main hand while holding a shield in our offhand." This is super cool as most players feel sorry for the shield which can have no place in the current patch. Players are urging to get the highest DPS. No one would die easily. Shield is useless in the normal mode. But if you can wield Skorn and shield at the same, it would be awesome.

diablo 3 crusader skills


Laws of Justice - "Granting you and your allies 900 All Resistance for 5 seconds" This is even better than the passive skill of Monk One with Everything and Barbarian War Cry. If you can choose Crusader, why would you choose Monk and Barbarian. There is no place for them to grow any more.


Bombardment- "Raining balls of burning pitch and stone onto enemies around you, dealing 400% weapon damage." This would remind me of Wizard skill Blizzard.


Crusader has all the advantage of melee skills like Barbarian and Monk as well as the long range skills like Wizard. There is no doubts that Crusader would be the most popular class in the ROS expansion.

  • 1. No Auction House
  • 2. Smart Drops
  • 3. More Legendary Items Drops
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