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Poll: Why do You Enjoy Console Version of D3
tag namePoll09/10/2013

On Diablo 3 Fans forums, you would see happy Console players everywhere. If you are a XBOX360 or PS3 player, then why do you enjoy console, due to No auction house, smart drops or more legendary items drops?

player who enjoy diablo 3 console version


No Auction House: Most PC players think that Auction House kind of ruined the game. Players spend more time in the AH instead of the game. People are buying to win instead of farming to get better equipments. This seems unfair to those who farm hard but get nothing in return. With the Auction House, players tend to buy items. Even the Monster Power 10 is not a problem any more. You rarely die in front of the Elites and Champion Demons. However, in Console version, there is no AH. You equip what you get. Every one is self supported.


Smart Drops: As there is no AH, you always get what you want. If you are a Monk player, you would get a Inna Belt instead of Barbarian Immortal King Belt. This would increase the incentive to farm more to get better items for your hero.


More Legendary Items Drops: In PC version, you would not see more than five legendary items even in Inferno mode. But in Console XBOX360 and PS3, you can see legendary drops even in level 15. What’s more, the legendary would be of great stats instead of junk as Manticore in PC.

diablo 3 consoel version items

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