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Diablo III: How to Choose Console Difficulty Settings
tag nameDiablo III09/09/2013

There is a blue post given out to clarify the doubts about PS3 and XBOX360 difficulty and corresponding stats. The modes (Easy, Normal, and Hard) do not change your MF, GF or XP in any way. This works like PC version (Normal, Nightmare, Hell, Inferno). However, there is a big MF, GF boost in the Master difficulties. The bonus are as in the picture.


diablo 3 console difficulty settings


As most console players have got their legendary items in the farming. The results actually are quite abundant. This has trigger great envy from PC players. If you are a PC player, you can not imagine how easy to get the legendary items in the console. You do not have to wonder why I am paragon Level 93 and not see the legendary items drop increase. But the easy drop has taken away the excitement of seeing the beam of legendary. Although we know the drop would be quite useless, but we would value our run by the legendary items drop anyway.

diablo 3 console drops


The crafting in the PC is cheap as well. For example, if you have a Marquise plan and it only cost 50,000 Diablo 3 Gold to craft the gem. This sounds unbelievable for the PC players. But this is true. As there is no Auction House, sometimes it is hard to trade items with other players. If you want a Skorn but not get one, you have to post in D3 fan base to seek help. But there is no security guaranteed, however.

  • 1. Monk Skill: Wave of Light
  • 2. Barbarian Skill: Sprint
  • 3. Witch Doctor skill: Zombie Charger
  • 4. Demon Hunter skills
  • 5. Wizard skill: Meteor
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