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Poll: What Kind of Helm Are Your Monk On
tag namePoll10/11/2012

I am wondering how many players are there that are playing the character Monk. If you are, then what helm do you put on the Monk? Up till now, there are ANDARIEL’S VISAGE, INNA’S RADIANCE.


Previously, I farm an ANDARIELE’S VISAGE myself and kept it all the way till my Paragon Level 15. One day, my friend joined me in the Diablo 3, and asked me to change it with INNA’S RADIANCE. All though they are both legendary Helm, but ANDARIEL’S VISAGE has no sockets. If the helm has no sockets, then you can not put the red gem to increase your D3 Power Leveling. This is a great shortcoming. Plus, the INNA set are made by heaven for Monk. When you get the second set, you will add 130 Dexterity. Although this ANDARILE did add the DPS AND MF for me, but the power leveling is really slow.



I search in the Auction House with all my 14,030,000 Gold. And find this INNA’S RADIANCE with buyout price 14,000,000 D3 Gold. I bought it decisively. This one reduce my DPS by about 1K. But the socket can increase my pace of Paragon Level greatly. It is worth.


Of course you can choose Natalya, as it will add the critical hit chance by 7.0% for the second set and +130 Dexterity for the third set. What’s more, Natalya has socket, too. When your Monk DPS reach about 50K, it is high time for you to change your set of items to have higher DPS. It is a great bottle neck



Empty socket and critical hit chance all make Tal a option for Monk as well. This one with 191 Intelligence which will add 19 resistance is a good choice for you.



If you have enough Diablo 3 Gold in your account, of course, we would recommend the INNA set for you. But if you have a difficulty time in the Inferno Act III, then you can try Andarile. These kind of legendary items are generally cheap in the Auction House. Take this poll and let us see how much players are in the same condition as you.

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