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Poll: Diablo 3 PC and Console Version PS3 XBOX360 Differences
tag namePoll09/07/2013

As Diablo 3 Console Version PS3 and XBOX 360 has been online on 09/04/2013, players have the opportunities to experience the console version. There are many differences between PC version and Console version. Which difference between Diablo 3 PC and Console Version PS3/ XBOX360 do you like best? The smart drop, less but better strategy, resurrect at death spot or stats on crafted items?


Smart Drop. The drop would change the main stats according to your class. If you just loot a Witching Hour for your Witch Doctor, the intelligence would get boosted at the moment of the drop. This is pretty cool. You do not have to sign for the wrong main stats. This is the reason that there is no Auction House in Console version. But this resembles the theory of PC Loot 2.0 as well. Soon enough, our PC players would see the change as well.

diablo 3 ps3 and xbox 360 items smart drops


Less but Better Strategy. This idea has been put out since patch 1.0.8. But PC has still not got it. Even when you pack your stash with full legendary items. You can find few of any value. But this is not the case in Console version. This is the reason PC players felt betrayed.


Resurrect at Death Spot. The only death penalty for Console version player is the 10% item damage. You do not have to run all the way from the last way point to the current way point.


Stats on Crafted items. You would spend fewer on the crafting compared with PC players but of great stats. The general result of the item would included main stat + vitality + socket.

diablo 3 console crafting material


If  you are a PC player, you have the four reasons to feel jealousy about the Console PS3, XBOX360 version. If you are a console version, then enjoy your game.

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