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Poll: Most Annoying Skills in Diablo 3 Public Game
tag namePoll09/04/2013

In public games, you have to collaborate with your teammates. If you do what you want like AFK for 15 minutes while your teammates are in the struggle with a bunch of tricky Elites and Champions, this would make them decide to kick you out of the game. Then what are the most annoying skills in Diablo 3 public game?


Monk Skill: Wave of Light. We can not deny that this skill "crushes enemies for 829% weapon damage as holy" is the most powerful skill for Monk. No wonder that most Monk players would choose this skill as the critical skill. But have you thought about that this skill can knock back all the monsters away? This is not a good thing for the Wizard who has the job to control the situation with freezing skills.

monk skill wave of light


Barbarian Skill: Sprint. This would increase movement speed by 40% which can leave all the teammates far behind. Yes, Barb can kill the monsters faster by this skill. What if your teammates are stuck behind and you are far away from them. But when you stop, you have to initialize it again. There is a dilemma between.

barbarian skill sprint


Witch Doctor skill: Zombie Charger. WD can all forth so many animals to fight for them. In the monster crowd, you just can not tell which is monster which is the pets from the Witch Doctor.

witch doctor skill zombie charger


Demon Hunter. DH do not has special skills that annoy teammates. But DH can not tank as Barbarian and Monk, not control as Wizard, not give life as Witch Doctor. These all makes DH not a popular teammates.


Wizard skill: Meteor. This skill is quite dizzy. If you farm with Wizard for quite a lot, you would feel your eyes can not see quite clearly. But their freezing control is so fantastic. We have not choice but tolerate all their skills.

wizard skill meteor

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